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American Foxhounds

Aliases: Foxhound

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American Foxhound Articles

Baying and Barking - How to Manage These Behaviors

Cousin to the English foxhound, American foxhounds are scent hounds that have a very melodious bark and like to bay. Originally used as hunting dogs, they have great stamina but tend to bark a lot while hunting, which is a characteristic, bred in them. Although they are not normally what is called a nuisance barker, because of the American foxhounds deep, loud voice, it carries great distances. [...]

Off- Leash Training

Most places nowadays require dogs owners to keep their pet leashed at all times when outside unless it is in their own secure, fenced yard. This law is not only for the dog's safety but also for the safety of others. [...]

Weight Management for American Foxhounds and How to Exercise

American foxhounds are a breed of dog that has a very high energy or activity level. They can run, go for long walks, play ball, hike through fields, run all day and still have energy left over. Obedience training is not only a great way to socialize your American foxhound, but is important for an active dog. It gives you control over your pet as many active foxhounds are also very excitable and need to understand commands such as sit, quiet, stay, and down. It is easier to obedience train your American foxhound when he is young so you have the knowledge to properly correct any behavioral problems if they occur. [...]

Agility Training and the American Foxhound

Dog agility training is a sport that has not only become more popular over the last few years but American foxhounds and other active dogs do this happily. Along with the competitors, spectators find this sport very exciting and entertaining. [...]

Keeping A Single Hound Rather Than A Pack

All hounds are pack breeds and historically American Foxhounds and their relatives the English Foxhounds were only kept in packs of several dogs, often more than 10, that would eat, sleep, play and hunt together. [...]

Can An American Foxhound Live in the City?

American foxhounds are very loving, affectionate, energetic family dogs that get along well with children, strangers, and other canine pets but should not be trusted with animals, such as cats, unless you socialize and train them properly. [...]

American Foxhound Weird Facts Did You Know?

There are some amazingly interesting facts and information that is available on the American Foxhound. The following are just a few interesting facts to get you started in your understanding of the breed [...]

Hunting Trials and Events and Training Your American Foxhound to Track

Dogs have always been able to track their prey and for centuries man has used dogs to his benefit and often for survival. Tracking events are a way to show your American foxhounds power at recognizing and following the disturbed vegetation scent or scent trail left by another animal or person. [...]

Does a Foxhound Make A Good Family Pet?

When thinking about getting a puppy or dog, there are several things to consider. You should select a breed that fits into your family's lifestyle. [...]

American Foxhound Socialization With Non-Canine Pets

The American foxhound is bred to be a pack dog, hunting, socializing and interacting with other dogs is part of its function as a scent hound. By these standards socialization with other dogs is typically not an issue for this breed, except of course for some mild aggression to determine the pack hierarchy as well as during the breeding season. [...]

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American Foxhound Articles
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