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Preparing your Gordon Setter for Showing

The Gordon Setter has a beautiful coat and an easy-going nature, two ideal characteristics for any dog preparing for competition. You think your dog is beautiful and destined to be a star, but will the judges agree with you? There are several areas on which you should focus if you are seriously considering entering your Gordon Setter into competition; training, conditioning and grooming & nutrition. [...]

Showing Your Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Because of the specifications that breeders go for when developing dog breeds, there are now many dogs that are able to do so many things that sometimes exceeds expectations. While dogs were basically treated as either work dogs or family pets in the past, now they are given more importance because of their numerous abilities. There are dogs that, aside from being sporting dogs, are also quite good in the show ring. Due to the inherent qualities that enable these dogs to perform as hunting dogs, they become very adept in agility and obedience tests in dog shows. [...]

Showing Your Poodle

As any happy Poodle owner can tell you, Poodles make excellent family pets. They also have an outstanding reputation in the show ring, however; they can be very flashy dogs and will almost always grab the attention of the judges and the public. For an owner to show their Poodle, however, it takes quite a bit of time and dedication, not to mention money. There are strict requirements for a Poodle's hairstyle and coat length and owners who are not meticulous about their Poodle grooming could see their prized dog disqualified from the ring. Besides the grueling coat requirements, there are obviously requirements for height, physical appearance and the way the dog carries himself. [...]

Poodle and Competitive Events

While it may be hard to believe, Poodles weren't bred just to be show dogs. They were originally developed as gun dogs, or retrievers. They have also excelled at a number of other different activities, such as hunting, tracking and herding. Many Poodle owners around the world still use their dogs in some of these traditional roles, though hunting activities in general have faded in importance over the years. Nonetheless, there are a still a variety of competitions in which dogs can show off the talents that characterize them as a breed and Poodles perform with success in many of these competitions. Some of the competitive events in which Poodles are seen include agility, tracking, herding and obedience. [...]

Are Poodles Really Pampered Divas?

One look at a Poodle, especially Poodles shown in conformation events, and many people automatically assume that Poodles were bred merely to be the pampered divas of the canine world. The extravagant hairstyles with which Poodles are presented are one of the main factors lending themselves to the concept of the Poodle diva. So is it true? Are they dogs that love to lounge in the lap of luxury? The question has no actual clear-cut answer. [...]

Crazy Shih Tzu Grooming Practices at Dog Shows

Just because you can do something to your dog's hair, doesn't mean you should! There are plenty of very involved procedures that go into creating the shih tzu one sees on televised dog shows. Though most owners keep their dogs in something of a "puppy cut" for trouble-free maintenance, real champion dogs have a longer beauty regimen than many women. Of course, if you have a shih tzu puppy, the adult coat that requires all the maintenance hasn't grown in just yet. In fact, there is a few weeks when your dog transitions between a "puppy coat" and their adult fur that it seems nearly impossible to keep up with all the mats, tangles and loose hair. However, after a few weeks, the adult coat settles down with all the hairs pointing in the right direction. [...]

Accepted Colors Of The Border Collie

Border Collies rose to fame outside of the working dog community largely because of the beauty of Hollywood favorites like Lassie; interestingly, though, the Border Collie is not a dog that is greatly prized for looks, and so the standard for color in the Border Collie is more relaxed in comparison to many other dog breeds. [...]

Sealyham Terrier as Show Dog

There are really dog breeds that excel among others when it comes to being show dogs. This could be because of a lot of reasons, among which the appearance plays a very big role. There are so many dog breeds now that have become champions in dog shows because of how they look while there are others that bank more on their abilities when it comes to agility and obedience trainings as well as in other events. No matter how or where a dog might fare in dog shows, the end results would not only reflect on the dog's excellence but also its owner's abilities as a trainer. [...]

Debatable Border Collie Issues: Showing, Working, & The AKC

Border Collies have gained recognition by major kennel clubs, including just recently the American Kennel Club (AKC), much to the chagrin of devoted working dog owners and breeders. [...]

Stretching the Field Spaniel

While there are people who are content to have a dog to cuddle, there are others who want to own dogs so they can show them off. Because of this, they subject their pets to intense training to enhance their innate skills and talents. One of the dog breeds that dog owners are proud to train is the Field Spaniel. The Field Spaniel is greatly admired as a beautiful and useful dog, and it has natural sporting instincts as well as tracking and hunting abilities which make it a very flexible dog. [...]

The Overnight Success of the Field Spaniel

Field Spaniels may be rare now because of the unfortunate breeding circumstances they went through when they first emerged. Throughout their history, they have made quite an impression as show dogs. In fact, their achievements in the show ring could be considered overnight success. [...]

Choosing A French Bulldog For Show

It's always important to choose your next pet carefully, but especially so if you plan to show your dog. Show standards can be very particular with a breed like the French Bulldog, so you'll want to go into choosing a show specimen with some knowledge behind you. [...]

Choosing A French Bulldog As A Pet

Choosing a French Bulldog to serve only as a pet and companion is a simpler task than choosing a French Bulldog for show. There are no restrictions on coat and eye colors for pet-quality French Bulldogs, which opens more possibilities to owners seeking the companionship of this friendly 'gentlemen's dog'. [...]

Colors Of The French Bulldog

As with all popular pure-bred dogs, there are preferences for color in French Bulldogs. Standards for these accepted colors are set by both Club/Show standards and by tradition. [...]

Showing a Samoyed

The Samoyed is a very beautiful breed who requires very little in the way of maintenance. They're highly skilled at preserving their own appearance and take well to obedience courses, so they're natural candidates for performing in the show ring. If you intend to show your Samoyed, however, it's not enough to simply rely on his or her natural graces to carry you through to victory. You must know precisely the things that the judges will be looking for and train your Samoyed to cultivate these desired behaviors and appearances. With the natural edge that the breed offers and the information in this article, you should be well on your way to earning those blue ribbons in no time. [...]

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Found [197] Articles :: Page 5 of 14
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