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Sealyham Terriers

Aliases: Sealy

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Sealyham Terrier Articles

A Healthy Lifestyle for the Sealyham Terrier

It can be said that a dog's own lifestyle is a reflection of its owner's lifestyle as well. So, when getting a dog, you are taking on the responsibility of making sure that it leads a healthy lifestyle that it deserves. As there are a lot of people now who are very concerned about leading a healthy lifestyle, they get dogs that they can use as companions in physical activities. While there are some owners that take their dogs along when they go jogging or cycling, there are others who are just content with hiking or plainly walking around with their dogs. These kinds of physical activities will also have to suit the dogs' need for outdoor activities. While there are dogs that might be contented with walks around the park, there are others that enjoy running more than walking. [...]

Famous Sealyham Terriers

Call it vanity or pride, any dog lover would like to own a dog that shares the same breed as dogs that are popular, especially those owned by celebrities. These dog lovers would go to such lengths to get the same kind of dog that was owned by this or that actor or actress or any other kind of celebrity. In fact, most of these dog lovers would pay just about any price for such kind of dog. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter to these dog owners if the dog's temperament will fit their own or not, as long as they are getting a dog that is famous or belongs to a famous breed. They would even go to the extent of getting dog sitters as well as trainers for these dogs if they are unable to take care of and train the dogs themselves. Nothing is too famous for these dog owners because for them, the popularity of their dogs would also mean the same for them. [...]

Myths about the Sealyham Terrier

You will hear myths about every breed of dog, about its temperament and how it deals with humans and other animals. There are also popular myths that can be applied to almost all dogs in general, and one of them is that dogs and cats are natural born enemies. This is a myth because this does not hold true to all types of dogs and cats. There are really dogs and cats, no matter what the breed, that can live together quite peacefully, while there are others that really can't. Disproving this myth will boil down to understanding your cat and dog personally. [...]

Sealyham Terrier: The Police Dog

Not all dog breeds are capable of police work. This is because law enforcement agencies have stringent requirements when it comes to the form, build and temperament of a police dog. However, there are some people who would love to christen their own dogs as police dogs in their own rights because of their innate qualities of being aggressive in protecting the members of the family that they belong to. Even if law enforcement agencies will never consider these dogs as police dog material, for the proud owners, their dogs are police dogs in their homes and in their hearts. [...]

Sealyham Terrier: Weird Facts Did You Know?

Most dog owners of today are quite interested in knowing tidbits of information about their dogs. This is because many people regard their dogs as part of their families and like any other proud parents, they are very happy to learn of their dog's past. Facts on the history of their dogs and how they came to be known in the canine world makes for animated talks among family members. This is especially true if your dog is just a new addition to the family. [...]

Sealyham Terrier as Show Dog

There are really dog breeds that excel among others when it comes to being show dogs. This could be because of a lot of reasons, among which the appearance plays a very big role. There are so many dog breeds now that have become champions in dog shows because of how they look while there are others that bank more on their abilities when it comes to agility and obedience trainings as well as in other events. No matter how or where a dog might fare in dog shows, the end results would not only reflect on the dog's excellence but also its owner's abilities as a trainer. [...]

Sealyham Terriers: Pets or Not?

It cannot be denied that there are certain dogs that can never be considered for pets. These dogs are those independent and aloof ones that could live without getting the affection of its owners. Usually these dogs are those fierce and aggressive ones that are used for guarding homes and belongings. On the other hand, there are dogs that thrive on the companionship and friendship of the family that it belongs to. These dogs are usually the ones that could never live without being with people all the time. Meanwhile, there are also other dogs that you could not really fully decide on whether it is a pet or not. This is usually because their temperament is somehow a mixture of traits that are found in the two types of dogs mentioned above. In the end, the decision of these dogs being pets or not would largely depend on how they are treated by the family or people who own them. [...]

Sealyham Terriers as Good Dog Students

There are quite a number of dog breeds that are very challenging to train. This is because it is somehow an inherent trait of dogs to have a mind of their own and to be obstinate. If these dogs are given the free hand to become what they are supposed to be, then they will grow up to be unruly dogs that their owners can't control. However, as with every dog breed, a modicum of training can turn one bad dog to a good one. Of course, the best results can be achieved if the training of such type of dogs is started as early as possible. Even if a certain dog breed is said to be the most independent of all dog breeds, there is really no dog that can't be bent with the right kind of training at the right time. [...]

Sealyham Terriers for Hunting

Nowadays, since hunting is not as popular as before, dogs that were bred for such a purpose could somehow put their abilities to rest if their owners are not those who are enthusiastic about the sport. However, those that have owners that enjoy hunting can use their hunting instincts when the opportunities arise. Quite a lot of dogs were bred in the past with the primary purpose of being hunting companions. There are the hound dogs that either hunt by sight or smell or both and there are also terriers that are known for their speed and agility. These dogs' hunting abilities may not be put to much use today, but they still retain the innate abilities that would make them effective in any type of hunting activity. [...]

The Likes and Dislikes of Sealyham Terriers

Just like people, dogs also have their own likes and dislikes that owners must take note of. These preferences could somehow be seen as guidelines in taking care of a particular dog breed. If you are a new owner of a dog, then aside from knowing of your dog breed's temperament, you should also see to it that you know what it likes and what it does not like. This is if you want your life as a new dog owner to be convenient and fulfilling. [...]

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