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Standard Schnauzers

Aliases: Mittelschnauzer

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Standard Schnauzer Articles

The Standard Schnauzer as an Athlete

Depending on your climate, Standard Schnauzers are adaptive to both indoor and outdoor living. However, the Standard Schnauzer is a very athletic dog. He must receive lots of exercise and stimulation. He has a keen and sharp mind and high energy level. He must receive exercise regularly. A casual walk around the block won't cut it. They need to walk briskly, not short distance running and need it regularly. A Standard Schnauzer has a natural athletic ability and loves, if not craves to play games and other stimulating activities. They need and love a play session where they can just run freely. If you are currently out of shape, your Standard Schnauzer will help you get back into shape. [...]

Duties of the Standard Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer is not a true guard dog but is often thought of that way. He sees it as his duty to alert his owner as to what is going on in and around the house. He will make sure his presence is always known and felt. He will make sure that an intruder or visitor knows what a Standard Schnauzer is all about. He takes his role in the family very seriously and anyone who should think otherwise should beware! The Standard Schnauzer originally started out in Germany. He was used primarily by sheepherders to protect and drive the flocks. He would protect the flock from any marauding coyotes. He was bred to be a dog that would take charge and get the job done. [...]

The Standard Schnauzer as a Family Dog

The Standard Schnauzer will make a great family dog! They thrive as a member of the family and are known as the dog with the human brain. The Standard Schnauzer will be a loyal member of the family. He will want to be involved with you at all times. Even if you are just watching television, he will need to be included at your side. He feels that he is the most important part of your pack and should be treated with the adoration and respect he deserves. This may involve an inordinate amount of constant supervision and attention. He can be a handful that will keep you on your toes, but he will be a devoted and loyal one! You will have to decide if this is what you want in a dog for your family. [...]

The Antics of the Standard Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer is a very spirited and bold dog. He is loyal and loving to those he calls friend. He is the very epitome of intelligence. In the Standard Schnauzer you will find a reliable and devoted soul. He is extremely watchful and composed. The Standard Schnauzer is to be considered an alpha breed and will need an experienced and consistent trainer. They can be easy to train if you have earned their trust and respect. They will respond well to an attitude that is positive and a supply of rewards that is never-ending. The Standard Schnauzer is to be considered a comedian. His antics are compulsory and designed to make you laugh. He is a true entertainer. He will feed off of the attention that you will give to his jokes. Once the Standard Schnauzer has learned to love you, they will be loyal, loving and have even been known to dote upon their owners. [...]

Training the Standard Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer is a canine that needs firm training. They are very intelligent and can learn quickly, but they will challenge authority. An owner must clearly show or demonstrate to the Standard Schnauzer that they, the human, is the boss-not the dog with the human brain. The Standard Schnauzer will display a strong will or temperament. They can have an obstinate nature that will challenge you at every turn. The trainer or owner must be firm and unyielding. They must demand respect from this dog. [...]

The Standard Schnauzer Diet

There are many different food choices that you can make for your Standard Schnauzer. With a little bit of effort, fresh food can become a staple in the diet of the Standard Schnauzer. This can be a healthier and cheaper alternative to the commercial dog foods on the market today. Do not confuse fresh food with people food. There is a great difference and it will make a difference to your Standard Schnauzer. Fresh foods can be included in the diet of your Standard Schnauzer, but it is not limited to fresh chicken and turkey and beef. Raw fresh vegetables and fruits can be included in the menu. The Standard Schnauzer actually likes these quite well. Oatmeal and other grains such as brown rice may be added. These are gentle on the stomach of your Standard Schnauzer. Additional protein sources may include yogurt, eggs and cottage cheese. There are many options and choices at your disposal. The fresh food doesn't need to be fancy, just palatable. Remember, what you consider palatable may be different from what you Standard Schnauzer considers palatable. [...]

The Mind of a Standard Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer is a very intelligent dog. He is sometimes dubbed as the dog with the human brain and there are times you may wonder if he actually is part human! This animal is a very independent thinker. He will not stop thinking until he has figured out whatever puzzle or challenge is placed before him. The Standard Schnauzer is to be considered a true problem solver. If he could play the game of chess, he probably would give you a run for your money! The quick mind of the Standard Schnauzer must be stimulated often. A complacent Standard Schnauzer can be an unruly and disobedient dog. He will have utter chaos and mayhem on his mind. They can and will get into trouble before you know it! The mind of the Standard Schnauzer never rests. It is as if he is planning the next day's activities, today. You must exercise the mind of this animal as much as the rest of his body! [...]

The Distinct Features of a Standard Schnauzer

The prominent, if not only coloring for the Standard Schnauzer is Pepper and Salty grey, or solid black. If a Standard Schnauzer would stand still long enough, one might think they were looking at a statue of granite or obsidian. But alas, the energy of the Standard Schnauzer simply will not allow it to stay quiet for long. Rarely will you find a Standard Schnauzer with any other color of hair. Their coat will be a tight and wiry thick weave. Yet their undercoat has a soft texture. The wiry coat doesn't shed much, however it should be trimmed and clipped on a regular basis. The signature moustache or beard and eyebrows should be left at its natural length with minimal trimming to prevent matting. [...]

The Life and Times of the Standard Schnauzer

"Wanted: companion to run and romp. Must be energetic, likes to go out, yet stay in and cuddle. If you like organization, I'll try to keep it that way. But after a stressful day, I can't promise anything!" Who would know that by crossing a black German Poodle and a gray Wolf Spitz would offer the world the Standard Schnauzer! This is a dog that lives its life to the fullest. The Standard Schnauzer is a personal guard and companion dog that is unwavering in its devotion and bravery. Couple that with a built in radar and intuition of pending danger and you have a dog that anyone would be lucky to own! [...]

Standard Schnauzer Weird Facts Did You Know?

The Standard Schnauzer may have some of the richest history of any breed. The German word for Schnauzer literally means walrus mustache. This beloved dog can be found in many different paintings and artworks of the 15th and 16th centuries. The Standard Schnauzer has been found in paintings of Rembrandt and also in the paintings of Durer. He is immortalized in a stone statue found in the marketplace of Mecklenburg, Germany. The hunter and a Standard Schnauzer companion were chiselled out of stone in the 14th century. [...]

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Standard Schnauzer Articles
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