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Maintaining a Healthy Weight Despite Your Dachshund's Fondest Wishes

There is nothing, I repeat: nothing, your dachshund likes more than eating. Though sleeping and chasing after balls might come close, they'll drop the others for food anytime. While there is the occasional dachshund that isn't quite too ravenous (especially among some of the more exotic coat types), as a breed, they are insatiable. That said, it will be an uphill battle throughout your dachshund's life to keep their weight under control. [...]

How Would You Know if a Scottish Deerhound is the Best Dog for You?

A lot of thought should be poured into finding out which dog breed is best for you. If you are eyeing a Scottish Deerhound for a pet, then there are some things that you have to consider before you decide to get one. Knowing certain characteristics of the dog you want to own would make it easier for you to take care of it.First of all, if you are living in an apartment, then a Scottish Deerhound is definitely not the best dog breed for you. Although an adult Scottish Deerhound can cope with living in enclosed spaces if it is given sufficient exercise, a younger Deerhound will fare better in a home with a large yard. It would even be better if you are living in a ranch with acres of land, so you would have more room for your Scottish Deerhound to run and roam around. Because of its size, it is also advisable that your home is large enough to accommodate a Deerhound. You have to make sure that your yard or your land is fenced to ensure the safety of your pet. [...]

Samoyeds and Exercise

As dogs with a long history of strenuous physical activity as a working breed that includes such tasks as herding reindeer and pulling sleds in temperatures that could go as low as -70 degrees F, the Samoyed has some unique exercise needs that must be met if you're to provide your animal with a truly happy home and lifestyle. This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll need to buy a large sled and move to a northern climate if you want your Samoyed to be properly exercised, it just means that you need to take a few steps to educate yourself about the breed's unique needs. [...]

City Dog: The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog was born and bred to be a companion animal; this breed of dog, the "gentlemen's dog" has been valued and selectively bred for a number of characteristics that make it so. [...]

German Wirehaired Pointer: Activities and Tricks It Can Do

The German Wirehaired Pointer is so full of energy and life that it takes a lot to tire it. The best owner for this breed is someone that is always on the go, and enjoys spending active time outdoors. But, if you are not someone who enjoys outdoor activities, there are ways for you to keep your German Wirehaired Pointer actively engaged. As a hunting dog, this breed is naturally obedient, and with consistent training, it can pick up just about anything, even dog tricks. [...]

The Athletic Prowess of the Ibizan Hound

Most dogs, especially those that enjoy running, jumping, leaping, and frolicking outdoors, are generally athletic in nature. These dogs, more often than not, attract dog lovers who are also into outdoor and physical activities. Among all the dog breeds, the hounds are some of those that truly love the outdoors. They were bred primarily for hunting, and they are active and energetic in nature. Hounds are generally quite vigorous and they can never be confined in enclosed spaces for very long. Because of their love for physical activities, hound dogs should be provided with large yards so that they can exercise their vigor at all times. [...]

The Needs of the Ibizan Hound

Every dog has its specific needs. While there are dogs that are content to be left alone most of the time, there are other dogs that crave attention and affection, as if they were children. The latter is especially true for an Ibizan Hound, which is affectionate in nature and loves to be touched and handled gently at all times. One of the greatest needs of the Ibizan is a caring owner who shows affection and patience readily. [...]

The Lowchen and its Exercise and Nutritional Needs

The Lowchen is a little dog that is a ball of energy and probably one of the most fun dogs you will ever own. They are a very easy dog to take care of, having very low maintenance needs. [...]

Your Red and White Setter LOVES Open Spaces

If you want a pet that is literally bursting with energy, you'll love the Red and White Setter. With tons of energy to burn and a love of the great outdoors, an active family that loves the outdoors will find a kindred spirit in the Red and White Setter. Since the Red and White Setter is best suited for living in the country, you'll have to take extra precautions to make sure your dog is properly stimulated in a more urban environment.The high-spirited Red and White Setter loves to spend as much time as possible outside and requires a great deal of exercise. Although you could probably get away with housing a Red and White Setter in an apartment, it is not recommended. This breed will thrive in a setting that gives him a lot of open space. Keeping the Red and White Setter cooped up in an apartment all day long will only hurt you in the end. [...]

Boston Terriers and Exercise

Before choosing a dog to bring home and add to the family, you must do some research into not only the personality of the breed or breeds you’re considering, but also into the requirements that you’ll have to fulfill to keep your dog happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. Besides the essential nutritional requirements, all dogs need some form of exercise as well as displays of affection, though just how much affection and attention you have to give varies from breed to breed. Dogs who take up quite a bit of your time with grooming, exercise and affection requirements are usually deemed high maintenance dogs, while low maintenance dogs are those that do not demand much of your time and effort. [...]

Exercising the Whippet

Whippets are very athletic dogs and do require a minimum of walking and playing every day. In the best cases, Whippets will have access to a safely enclosed backyard with lots of room to run and play, but those owners that are willing to make the time to go to a local park or other safe area will find that this will be sufficient for their pets. Whippets are well known for their love of being couch potatoes for the majority of the day, but do require a way to use up their stored energy every day. In this article, we'll take a look at the best places to exercise your Whippet and some suggested activities to keep your Whippet in good shape. [...]

Pinched Nostrils In Pug-Nosed Breeds

The medical term for pinched nostrils is stenotic nares and it is a common problem in many of the brachycephalic or pug-nosed dogs. These breeds seem to have a huge list of respiratory problems that can develop over time due to their short head formation and the compact nature of the respiratory system. Stenotic nares in themselves may not be problematic for the dog unless there are other complications that make breathing difficult for the pet.The most common breeds affected by stenotic nares include Pugs, Boston Terriers, Pekingese, English Bulldogs, Boxers and Shih Tzus. These dogs are born with cartilage malformations in the nose that limit or restrict the opening of the nostril, slightly to greatly reducing the airflow through the nose. [...]

Smooth Fox Terrier: Attention seekers

The smooth fox terrier is a dog that was once used as a hunting dog before it became a popular breed for dog shows. The smooth fox terrier has now made its way into peoples homes and has become an excellent family pet. These intelligent and active dogs make great companions for children as well as adults. Not only are they loyal, but also they are very energetic and full of life, and because of this the smooth fox terrier must be given the attention that it seeks.The smooth fox terrier is by nature an attention seeker, it is the type of dog that is constantly seeking the approval and love from their owners. Therefore, if you have a smooth fox terrier you will want to make sure that you give them the attention they require. Because the smooth fox terrier is an intelligent and active dog you must make sure that they are exercised daily and included as part of the family. [...]

Knowing how to play with a Smooth Fox Terrier

Because the smooth fox terrier is a dog that requires a lot of attention due to its active nature, you will want to be sure that you will have the time to spend with the smooth fox terrier as they can become aggressive and display inappropriate behavior. One way of ensuring your smooth fox terrier will receive the right attention it needs is by playing with it, especially if it is a puppy. From a young age the smooth fox terrier is a very lively, active dog that will always have the energy and the drive to play for extended amounts of time, whether it is with you or with another dog. That is why it is important that you prepare yourself by reading and studying about the smooth fox terrier if you want the best relationship between your smooth fox terrier and your family. [...]

Curly Coated Retrievers and Swimming

Curly Coated Retrievers have a natural affinity for water and love nothing more than a good splash. This love of water no doubt comes from its roots as a working dog, retrieving fowl from the water for its hunting handlers. Today, this translates into a natural advantage in water tests in the Working Field Certificate trials, as well as a natural partner for water fowl hunters. It also means that they will love spending time with their human families in and around water. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Curly Coated Retriever’s long swimming history, and why they’ll need plenty of water around to keep them happy today. [...]

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Found [222] Articles :: Page 7 of 15
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